"TRY a LiFePo4 Battery & to see if it's right for you.
We have 24v,36v,48v,60v.72v batteries on hand most of the time for DEMO & purchase.

LiFePo4 is the Safest Battery Made
The Power & Range will amaze you!  Lighter weight compared to SLA & NimH!
No immediate recharging required! Least cost per charge!  
2000+ charges vs 300 charges (for SLA)

PING LiFePo4 Batteries (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
SAFE & PROVEN QUALITY, LONG LIFE (4-7 Years!) Best Prices in the U.S.
We are a Registered Buyer of the 'PING LiFePo4 Battery"
We can determine the power & size required for your needs.

Battery Management System , Charger, & Shipping & Installation is included with purchase
"Authorized PING LiFePo4 Dealer"
"Authorized Golden Motor Li-Ion Dealer"
We'll help you decide the correct battery,
prepare it for use, and train you on proper care
Please contact us before purchase
Replace Your NiMH or SLA
Battery With The Latest
Lithium Technology.

Life cycle of the whole pack:
> 1000 times, >85% capacity.
> 85% capacity after 1500 cycles
> 70% capacity after 3000 cycles.
- No Memory Effect
San Diego Electric Bike
(619) 216-8572
BMS: The Battery Management System
precisely monitors individual cells, keeping them in balance for best performance
and preventing damage to the battery due to over voltage, under voltage,
over temperature and short circuit.
Price includes Battery, Charger, Shipping, and help with Installation.
Discount offered if payment by Cash, check  or MO.

-24v 12ah   350w     6.6    lbs        6.3x2.8x7.3 inches            $430   
-24v 16ah   400w     8.8    lbs        6.3x2.8x9.9 inches            $500  
-24v 20ah   450w     11     lbs        6.3x5.5x6.1 inches            $540         
-36v 15ah   600w     12.3  lbs        11.5x 4.125x 4.25in          $600   Fits EV GLOBAL
-36v 15ah   600w     12.3  lbs        8.9x4.1x5.9  inches           $600           POPULAR
-36v 20ah   800w     16     lbs       11.8x4.1x5.9 inches           $715           POPULAR
-36v 30ah   800w     25.3  lbs        8.9x8.2x5.9  inches           $1030  
-48v 12ah   600w     13.2 lbs         6.3x5.5x7.3  inches           $680  
-48v 15ah   1000w   17    lbs         11.8x4.1x5.6x inches        $740           
-48v 20ah   1200w   22    lbs         7.7x8.3x5.9 inches            $840  
-60v  20ah                                        Please request price                                           
-72v  20ah                                        Please request price              
- 5A Charger Add $60 to price
(1 year Manufacturers Battery Warranty, 6 months on 2.5A Charger, Shipping Included)
CUSTOM SIZE/S Can be Ordered
3 days to transfer funds, 1 week to build & test, 1 week to mail to you !     
Hidden Pannier Bags are
Great !
$69 - $89
Sunlite Toploader-5 $55
Explorer rack $45
MTX Quick Track
Release System
(w/carry handle)
Rack $45
Case $69
Case w/Hidden Panniers $89
Locking Hard Case
Rack $15-$45
Note how small this 36v 15ah PING LiFePo4
Battery is compared to only two
12volt 12ah SLA (Lead Acid) batteries.
Less than 50% Weight than 3 SLA's
50% More Range
Cost Effective Over Life of Battery.
12v 12ah
9 lbs
35v 15ah
12.3 lbs total
PING LiFePo4 Warranty;    

We guarantee batteries with BMS purchased from us with a 12 months warranty against
defects in quality.
Chargers have 6 months warranty against defects in quality.

All products are checked for quality before being shipped out. If you purchased any items
which appear to have a problem, please contact us. In most cases we are able to sort out the
problem by providing technical support, without your sending anything back.

If we cannot resolve the problem by email we will provide you detailed instructions on how to
return the item for repair or replacement only. Please do not return anything without first
contacting us to obtain authorization. Shipping fees are not refundable.

Returns or exchanges will only be accepted for defective or damaged products upon shipment
and must be authorized by us before the product(s) is returned. We will replace, refund, or
credit your account for a returned product(s) at our discretion. Shipping & handling fees are
not refundable.
For any exchange or refund, we need the receipt or a record of the
purchase in our system, and the product must be in its original condition, including
the box, packaging, & accessories.

San Diego Electric Bike will make the necessary communication
with PING in behalf of the customer.
The Warranty will be invalid if it is determined that the battery was used for other purposes
than intent of original sale.
The Warranty is not valid if damage occurred due to a bicycle accident, dropping the battery,
or connecting it improperly.

Evolution of PING Battery

V2.5  released in 2009, made of 3.2v5000mah prismatic cells and new BMS. V2.5 cell has same performance
as V2.0. That's why we don't call it V3.0, but V2.5. V2.5 has lower weight/ah than V2.0. V2.5 cell has wider
polarity tabs than V2.0. V2.5 has same price as V2.0.

V2.0  released in 2008, made of 3.2v4000mah prismatic cells and same BMS as V1.0. The
V2.0 cell also has 2C maximum dontinuous discharge rate and 4C peak. But its 2C continuous
performance is much better than V1.0. It's weigth/ah is a little higher than V1.0. V2.0 has wider
polarity tabs than V1.0. V2.0 is more expensive than V1.0.

V1.0  released in 2007, made of 3.2v4950mah prismatic cells and our first version of BMS. V1.0 cell has 2C
maximum continuous discharge rate and 4C peak. The polarity tabs of its cell is small.
Golden Motor Lithium Batteries;
Locking Aluminium Casing with On/Off Switch/Key
BMS and 110V-240Vac 2A Universal Charger Included (optional 4A)
Weight: below 5.5Kgs
Capacities: 24V/16AH, 36V/12AH, 36V/16AH, or 48V/12AH
Max Discharge Current: 35A(12AH)/60A(16AH)
Max Continuous Discharge Current: 20A(12AH)/30A(16AH)
Charging Cycles: >800 times
Ranges(full electric mode): 45Km(36V12AH) or 60Km(36V16AH, 48V12AH)
Packing Box Dimensions: 24cm X 24cm X 39cm

36V 16AH LiFePo4 Battery and Charger $520.00
48V 12AH LiFePo4 Battery and Charger $530.00
Manufacturer’s Warranty is one year for Lithium Battery, 6 months on charger.
Battery Shipping is $25

Rear Battery Racks
RAK 001 includes mounting plate for battery: MSRP $45, Shipping $25
RAK 002 seat post rack + mounting plate:      MSRP $50, Shipping $25
SLA BATTERIES 30 Day Warranty

-3ttl 12v 12ah Batteries, Harness & Case $150
-4ttl 12v 10ah Batteries, Harness & Case $190
-36v or 48v Wire Harness and Case $35

CHARGERS 90 Day Warranty
-SLA 48volt, 1.6amp $49
-SLA 36volt, 1.6amp $49
-SLA 24volt, 1.6amp $39

NiMH &, Li-Ion,  LiFePo4 Chargers
$49- $129
SLA Batteries do not like being left in
a discharged state. Irreparable
damage will occur if they are not
charged immediately after use.
Re-Charge Your e-Bike Right Away"
To get lasting performance.
Sealed Lead Acid
Maintenance Free

12v 7ah   $22
12v 7.5ah $25
12v 10ah $30
12v 11ah $33
12v 12ah $35
12v 18ah $45

We can Test or Install  
your batteries at a fair
(Disposal; $1 each)
Battery Bags/Cases   Protect your expensive battery.
PAYMENT;  We accept PayPal, Credit Cards,
Checks must clear 1st
Please contact; Patrick Winston
ask for invoice
36 Volts in Series